Gabe on the Issues


I believe that quality public education is the basis of a functioning democracy. We need our schools to be supported, not ignored. We need to bring new resources and new programs into our public schools. We also need to ensure that as a public institution our school system is run in an open and fair manner. Read more »


Everyone deserves to live in a safe neighborhood. I believe that key to safety is access to good jobs, good education, and good community services. Enforcement-only strategies do not work. There is an important role for the police in our neighborhood, but people will be abused if we simply provide a blank slate for enforcement. We need to work hard to repair the relationship between police and community, so that the police become familiar with and engaged in the fabric of the neighborhood. We need to monitor police activity and make it clear that the civil rights of all Rogers Park residents are protected. Read more »


I believe access to affordable housing is fundamental to keeping our ward diverse and strong. We need housing opportunities for our families with children and seniors who want to stay in their homes, as well as young people moving into the neighborhood. We also need to make sure that homes remain affordable by stopping the constant increases in taxes and fees. All of this requires attention and creativity. It will not happen without a plan. Read more »


We live in challenging times. What we do now determines not only how we live, but how those who come after us will live. It’s a great responsibility but we are up to the challenge. We have neighbors who are already working on composting, alternative energy, urban farming, water protection, and lakefront preservation. They know how we can prepare Rogers Park to be resilient and safe. Read more »

Business Development

Rogers Park already has a number of thriving businesses. We need to build on their success. We should have a neighborhood where people can spend an afternoon shopping and an evening dining and attending the theater. Our businesses should be a neighborhood economic engine: employing Rogers Park residents, encouraging entrepreneurship, and helping build community. Read more »