Making Change: Gabe Gonzalez

Gabe sits down with Bill Moyers and Company to talk about how Protect RP, Rogers Park’s rapid response network, works to slow down deportations and keep ICE raids out of our neighborhood.

Trump rhetoric has created ‘atmosphere of terror’ for immigrants, advocate says

“Of those arrested, only 45 were convicted criminals and 20 were previously deported,” ICE official says. Read on for a thorough breakdown of how deportation rates are escalating in Chicagoland and to learn about Gabe’s role in helping to organize a rapid response network within Rogers Park to stall ICE raids.

Brown: Neighbors joining together to block Trump deportations

In Chicago neighborhoods with large immigrant populations, people are banding together to form rapid response networks to support their neighbors. Gabe Gonzalez and other activists in the ward speak out about the threat of ICE and what they’re doing to stall deportations.

Rogers Park Effort Aims To ‘Ruin’ ICE’s Plans

Gabe Gonzalez founded Protect RP, Rogers Park’s rapid response network, which hopes to make immigration raids so slow that ICE agents “never want to come back.” Continue reading for the most comprehensive overview of what the network does, how it works, and what you can do to get involved. 

Sierra Club’s Ready For 100 Campaign Announces Gabe Gonzalez as new National Co-Leader

Gabe recently joined Sierra Club’s premier National Campaign, Ready for 100, as the volunteer Co-lead, bringing his expertise on strategic planning and community organizing to the organization’s push for sustainable energy in America’s major cities.

Obama Beyond the Beltway

President Barack Obama took his stimulus plan directly to people around the country. What does this say about his leadership style? What can we learn from Obama’s grassroots approach for our own organizing? Gabe addresses all these questions and more.

Issues Day Panel Speaker: Gabe Gonzalez’s Journey to Success

In an exclusive interview, Gabe talks about how he became an activist, the importance of getting involved in the issues of your day, and gives advice to students about how to break into the field of social justice.