Protect RPEveryone deserves to live in a safe neighborhood. I believe that key to safety is access to good jobs, good education, and good community services. Enforcement-only strategies do not work. There is an important role for the police in our neighborhood, but people will be abused if we simply provide a blank slate for enforcement. We need to work hard to repair the relationship between police and community, so that the police become familiar with and engaged in the fabric of the neighborhood. We need to monitor police activity and make it clear that the civil rights of all Rogers Park residents are protected.

Together we will…

  • Work to ensure that all of our community members feel safe, no matter where they live, the color of their skin, their religion, their gender identity, age, or immigration status.
  • Fight to increase money spent on youth employment citywide and make sure that a fair share of those jobs are located in Rogers Park.
  • Work to increase engagement between the police of the 24th district and neighborhood residents of all backgrounds.
  • Insist on better training for police officers on how to de-escalate and avoid the use of force.
  • Push for reforms that reward police problem solving, not arrests.
  • Ensure that Chicago remains a sanctuary city, and strengthens protections for all—including ending use of the flawed gang database.
  • Fight for an independent police review board.