one wayI believe access to affordable housing is fundamental to keeping our ward diverse and strong. We need housing opportunities for our families with children and seniors who want to stay in their homes, as well as young people moving into the neighborhood. We also need to make sure that homes remain affordable by stopping the constant increases in taxes and fees. All of this requires attention and creativity. It will not happen without a plan.

Together we will…

  • Establish a housing council that will create a census of affordable units in the ward and work with public and private partners to ensure that we do not lose affordable units.
  • Fight to increase the Affordable Requirements Ordinance (ARO) mandate from 10% to 20% for any new development in Rogers Park.
  • Advocate for units to be built on site, and not permit payouts to the Housing Trust Fund in lieu of units built.
  • Fight to ensure that any garden unit that is made accessible should be fast-tracked through the permitting process to greatly improve the amount of accessible housing we have in the 49th Ward.
  • End the nickel-and-diming of city residents on basic services, such as trash collection, and the aggressive increases in property taxes, affecting property owners and tenants alike.