map lake michiganWe live in challenging times. What we do now determines not only how we live, but how those who come after us will live. It’s a great responsibility but we are up to the challenge. We have neighbors who are already working on composting, alternative energy, urban farming, water protection, and lakefront preservation. They know how we can prepare Rogers Park to be resilient and safe.

We currently have a city-wide commitment to 100% renewable energy for all public buildings by 2025. We need to make sure this is done well and on time. We will make Rogers Park an incubator and a leader in how to build a sustainable community.

Together we will…

lake michigan

  • Protect our lake and lakeshore.
  • Ensure that the commitment to 100 percent renewable energy for public buildings is met.
  • Increase and improve composting and recycling in the ward.
  • Form a 49th Ward Resilience Committee to examine possibilities of rooftop gardens, rain catchments, and other ways we can lessen our impact on the environment while providing for the residents of the 49th Ward.